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Inferno by Yann Robin

Images of Work #14 (French version)

Inferno, the large work by Yann Robin is his personal reading of Dante's Divine Comedy. Bringing together a large orchestra and electronics, the young French composer embarks on an infinite descent towards darkness, a concerted disturbance of perception.
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Tensio by Philippe Manoury

Images of Work #10

Entering Philippe Manoury's studio is understanding the persistence of continual research on the interaction between musicians and computer systems. This film seizes a few instants of conversations between the composer and computer scientists, researchers, and musicians leading up to the premiere of his string quartet where the real and synthesized quartets share musical figures and blur frontiers.
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Luna Park by G. Aperghis

Images of Work # 13

What if the infrastructure of our everyday video-surveillance went awry? What could have been a political project becomes, in Aperghis’ oeuvre, a theatrical situation to be explored, a unique arrangement of images, of gestures and sounds to be invented: a Luna Park
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Germination by Jean-Luc Hervé

Images of Work #16

Placing the work in nature, and nature in the work, creating a musical system based on the space where it will be heard, these are the concerns of Jean-Luc Hervé, associating plant and musical growth.
Inferno by Yann RobinInferno by Yann Robin
Inferno by Yann Robin
Tensio by Philippe ManouryTensio by Philippe Manoury
Tensio by Philippe Manoury
Luna Park by G. AperghisLuna Park by G. Aperghis
Luna Park by G. Aperghis
Germination by Jean-Luc HervéGermination by Jean-Luc Hervé
Germination by Jean-Luc (...)
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